Appearances Edit

  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Banana's Terminator
  • Apple's Terminator
  • Cereal (cameo)

Plot Edit

Apple and Banana was feuding and decided to make terminators to fight each other. One has the ability to shoot Apple juice and one can fight professionally. After hours of fighting, Banana's Terminator won but attempt to destroy the kitchen resulting ultimate destruction. Cereal fall over and asked them to help him/her before fake dying, sooner too much destruction resulted the Banana's Terminator to become more stronger.

Banana's Terminator, decided to kill Banana himself/herself and later shot until beheading Banana and at the end Apple possibly got killed by Banana's Terminator.

Release Date Edit


Deaths Edit

  • Other of their friends (except Cereal) - died in the destruction of the kitchen. (Debatable)
  • Banana - got beheaded after being shot by his Terminator.
  • Apple - possibly died during the terminator's attempt to kill everything, he might've killed Apple. (Debatable)