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Apple wants to time travel into the olden days, Banana disapproved of the idea but since everyone decided to come, Banana came anyway. Some got killed thanks to many occurances during time travels and some just got lost and had near-death experiences. Wow foods have very low IQ and are rather fragile aren't they?

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  • Mustard - dies after her/his juice were squeezed out of his/her body
  • Ketchup - eaten by sharks
  • Knife, Waffle, Water - crushed by a dinosaur
  • Potato - died when the missile fell into his/her mouth
  • Popsicle - drowns
  • Bacon, Hotdog - dies in an explosion
  • Everyone else - died or got lost in time periods (debatable)
  • Banana - fell into the core of the Earth
  • Bread - eaten by Venus Flytraps
  • Apple - got torn limb by limb by apes
  • The apes - possibly got killed by Godzilla
  • Burger - possibly got killed by Godzilla