Banana is one of the main characters of Breakfast Friends. He/she is one of the mature characters in the series.

Info Edit

Gender - Female/Male

Species - Banana

Friends - Egg

Enemies - Apple, Cereal (partially), Knife, Popsicle, Hotdog, Burger

Voiced by - Young Little Unicorn

Character Bio Edit

Banana is very friendly but can be bitter when he/she's angry or enraged. Banana dislikes Apple for being rather stupid and idiotic. Most of the time, Banana's seen angry or disapproving other people's idea if it's ridiculous or seemed stupid.

Banana never survives in episodes he/she appears in, though after death he/she still causes deaths like in Terminator vs Terminator (debatable) and Breakfast Friends, THE MOVIE.

Deaths Edit

  1. Terminator vs Terminator - killed by his own terminator
  2. Breakfast Friends, THE MOVIE - fell into the core of the Earth

Trivia Edit

  • Banana is believed to be even more idiotic than Apple.
  • Banana's survival rate is 0%, the lowest out of everyone despite dying in every epsiode she/he appears in.
  • Banana is based on Courtney from Total Drama.