Apple is one of the main characters that appears in Breakfast Friends. He/she's one of the half-witted people, having the lowest IQ at -10.

Info Edit

Gender - Male/Female

Species - Apple

Friends - Everyone (except enemies)

Enemies - Banana, Knife

Deaths - 1

Voiced by - Young Little Unicorn

Debut - Terminator vs Terminator

Character Bio Edit

Apple is a friendly and yet an immature and clumsy person. Banana his former friend, was his current rival after him being too stupid and call Banana, Banaenaes too frequently. Most of the other character's death was caused by him, due to him being half-witted.

Even though he dies in the official movie (upcoming) he did survive though in Terminator vs Terminator. Due to his dumb personality, Apple is shown to have displayed many intellectual performances during the series' production (creating a terminator, making a time traveling machine… etc.)

Appearances Edit

Episodes Edit

  • Terminator vs Terminator

Others Edit

  • Breakfast Friends, THE MOVIE

Deaths Edit

  1. Terminator vs Terminator - killed by Banana's Terminator (debatable)
  2. Breakfast Friends, THE MOVIE - Apple has either died because of being eaten or being torn off limb by limb by apes of the prehistoric era.

Trivia Edit

  • Nobody likes her/him, well except Banana. After the event, happened no one else dares to stay nearby her/him.
  • His/her survival rate is 25%.
  • Apple never survives if his debatable death in Terminator vs Terminator counts as a real death without the debate.